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video killed the radio star

- lyric quotes -
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Welcome to xx_videokilled - A Lyric Quote community! There are a few rules so please read on.

1. Please do not post an entire song. People get bored easily and personally I don't want to read 30 or more lines.

2. When making a post, please use an LJ-Cut. The code for this is <*lj-cut text="YOUR TEXT HERE"*> (without the stars *)

3. There must be at least one lyric quote in each post. Although requests are accepted, you must have some lyrics in your post.

4. Make sure when posting you must include the title and artist of each song.

5. Please do not use words such as "u" or "r" Type as grammatically correct as possible!! Also, do not tYpE lIkE tHiS! People don't want to decipher what you have posted.

6. DO NOT PROMOTE any other communities! You will be BANNED!

7. We will have a "RETIRED SONGS" list which will contain songs that have being quoted to death. Please check the list below before you post.

no retired songs